About US

Aryakulam InternationalSchool is run by Shree Rehtu Ram Memorial Sabha. AIS is a manifestation of unique concept designed for the children to be future ready. We are proving Modern Education with traditional values. AIS is equipped with the most technological advanced laboratories, sports, other activities and classrooms. We ensure students receive a balance of theoretical and practical knowledge and the motto of AIS is Gyanam-Param-Balam. We aim at providing holistic education building firm moral character and selfless nation builders. We provide an environment of empathy and compassion to make a warm and caring society. It has been molded to empower students to think critically, synthesize knowledge and reflect on their own thought process.


vision to provide value-oriented education catering to 21st century skill to enable individual child to be mondial competitive yet humane.


Mission is to nurture the young intellect to break the barrier of stereotype, think out of the box, be innovative, adapt, complete, achieve the great goal, have the strong will power, determination and work tirelessly with firm commitment and focus to execute their vision on the practical plane of life.



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