>>>   Wear the school uniform with pride.

>>> Take advantage of every opportunity to learn.

>>>  Show school Spirit, House Spirit while participating in the school activities.

>>>  Move quickly and quietly from class to class without creating any noise or disturbance to other classes.

>>>  Be punctual.

>>>  Bring text books & note books according to the time table.

>>>  Do not leave the school without the written permission of the principal.

>>>  Maintain silence in the library.

>>>  Keep your classroom, school & the campus neat and tidy.

>>>  Make necessary arrangements to stay back after school hours to participate in academic, sports and co-curricular activities whenever required.

>>>  Take care of the school property and report immediately if there is any damage.

>>>  Do not bring objectionable books, magazines or periodicals to the school, Bringing in the transistors, video games, CDs', mobile homes, pagers and other electronic gadgets are prohibited.

>>>  Do not meet any visitor in the school without the written permission or the principal.

>>>  Do not use unfair means during exams. Such a conduct is unworthy of a good student.

>>>  Students are not permitted to use the school telephone except in emergency and that too with the principal's permission.

>>>  Pupils should obey house prefects, class monitors and other appointments on duty.

>>> “School is judged by the discipline and conduct of its students”. So the pupils must be disciplined, polite and courteous.